Hello smellers!

This is a blog all about the science of smells. Who cares? you might ask. I don’t know, maybe you?
For me personally, I’m the type of person who makes a lot of stupid decisions, well, that implies that I’ve consciously thought about a decision, but premeditation or not I get myself into some weird situations. Having a degree in both arts and science I feel obliged to obnoxiously defend myself at parties but also have some scientific knowledge to actually back myself up. What I’ve found is that if I talk about the science of smells, other hipster arts students can’t beat me in an argument and neither can the science students. Smell is humans forgotten sense, yet it plays such an important role in affecting the actions of literally everything we do, say, eat or even get under the sheets with. While the arts majors argue philosophy and the science majors argue psychology I think our sense of smell can explain a huge amount of our decision making. I would go as far as to say that smell can act as a tangible explanation of our subconscious (A cop-out psychological term meaning ‘I have no idea why this happened’).

When I was 15 I had surgery to help me breathe through my nose. After a rhinoplasty, a septoplasty, and a turbinectomy I could both breathe and smell through my nose again. Since then, smell became a part of my life that I would not take for granted, and this blog is just some interesting facts about things I have learned about smells over the years, and, hopefully I can share some good ways to tell  your friends why you went home with the weird guy from the bar last night.

In my undergraduate degree I studied Film and Marine biology and am now putting them together to study a masters in Science communication with the hope of one day becoming mother effing Davina Attenborough (the female version of David Attenborough). So, in this blog if you think the science is lacking or isn’t clear, let me know by commenting. Even Davina Attenborough has to start somewhere right?

I hope you enjoy,

From Zoe Herbert

P.S. I’m from New Zealand, and although I try to keep my kiwi colloquialisms at bay, I apologise for anyone who is not familiar with anything I might say, for example, Marmite is choice as. Translation: a salty sandwich spread is really great.
I hope you still enjoy my blogs.